Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey guys

I drive Don to the T every Thursday. Today, as I was getting out of the car by our apartment, a cat jumped over the fence and then dry heaved and vomited something bright yellow right in front of me. After that was all over, it gave me a look of complete satisfaction.

A perfect metaphor for my week.

Here's something that make me cry-laugh everytime I watch:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday? More like Blehday.

I have no motivation to do anything reasonably productive today. The last two nights I have slept the sleep of the incredibly exhausted, and I'm not sure why. My lifestyle of working on a laptop, knitting and watching Dr. Who is overwhelming me? Frisky is infecting me with Extreme Rabbit Sloth?

P.S. If anyone at work is reading this, just kidding! I'm totally working! Haha!

Weird things happening in the household:

1. Our television did not make the journey across the country unscathed. When you turn it on, the picture is only a thin line across the middle of the screen, and you have to repeatedly hit it (sometimes with a hammer, hence the giant hole that it now has), and wait for a half hour for it to start working. It's an awful lot of work for a 13" experience. However, if you talk loudly about how you saw some good tvs down at Target on sale, and maybe all THIS one is good for is sitting out by the curb in the pouring rain, the picture comes on almost immediately. EVERYTIME. Our tv has become sentient. And hates us. Only threat of abandoment to the trash heap will entice it to work.

2. Frisky has picked up an annoying habit of trying to chew through the wire in one part of the bottom of the cage, which he does everyday for hours until I start yelling, and then feed him a piece of banana and send him into a Banana Stupor so he'll stop his Sisphyean task. There is NOTHING under the wire, not even a stray piece of hay. Another bewildering insight into the Rabbit Mind.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We go outside!

Yesterday was a lovely fall day, so Don and I left the house and went exploring. We started at Davis Square where the Honk! Festival was going on, which was amazing. We caught this band, playing "Push it". Awesome.

We then went to MIT, for grad school library things. Now previously, we walked around Harvard, which definitely has that imposing Statues-and-Clock-Towers-and-Ivy-Covered-Buildings-from-the-1700's-Where-Things-Happened-That-You-Cannot-Even-Comprehend feeling down pat. I guess MIT was feeling the architectural heat, and so they came up with this:

The whole thing looks like Toon Town. It's disturbing and weird, and I feel like everyone involved is very embarrassed now, since the future has come, and buildings are still not poking out at odd angles.

The best thing about riding the Red Line subway is that when you cross from Cambridge to the city, you go across the Charles River, which on a nice day looks like this:

It makes you want to get a boat/yacht and sail around aimlessly sipping Chardonnay. And um, indulge in other rich people stereotypes.

(By the way, Don took all these pictures. Which is why they are beautiful, and you don't get a headache from looking at them.)

P.S. I take by the lack of comments that no one has watched the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" clip. I urge you to reconsider. My taste might be somewhat suspect otherwise, but I know funny television.

This Old Shaky Apartment

Here are the apartment pictures! Now feel like you are in our exciting new Boston apartment, perhaps feeling a wee bit tipsy, so everything is slightly blurry!*
Okay, steady now, maybe lay off the Old New England Egg Nog** for a bit. Get a glass of water and enjoy:

Here is the bar, complete with Whoobhoughoouu. We originally had our bikes down in the basement, but apparently this is where you put things you want thrown into the dumpsters, which happened while they were painting the basement. Quite a lot of effort from a landlord who seems to spend all his other time ignoring my phone messages.

Here's the bedroom, which looks really sparse and sad in the first picture. I added in some flair, but it's so dark and grim looking, you can't really tell.

Here is the desk, where I spend all my time, talking to Frisky. This is also where Don and I have Facebook Scrabble showdowns, which are really intense if you are actually facing each other. The sad truth is, I spend most of my facebook time playing scrabble with someone in the same room.

Here is our little living room corner. That couch is a fold-out, hint hint, please come visit me for the love of God, hint hint.

There is is! No kitchen pictures because the light burned out and we're not sure how to replace it, and the landlord has not returned my call. But I LOVE the kitchen. I can throw down pizza dough on the counter without it sticking, there's room to cut vegtables up without balancing precariously on the side of the sink, and the microwave makes perfect popcorn just by pushing the popcorn button. I know most microwaves have this button, but this one is the real deal. My life is taken on such a small scale lately that this is exciting enough to blog about. Be glad you don't live with me, and had to listen to me blurble on about the wonder of Christmas Tree Shops today.

* I'm sorry, I'm just incapable of taking a clear shot on our camera. You have to push down really hard on the shutter, and I don't have the proper coordination to do that and hold the camera straight.

** Don bought a bottle of this, and I am afraid. Two kinds of whiskey, rum, and brandy, all mixed up with HOMOGENIZED milk products. I'll stick with tea-

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


One of the side effects of working from home is that I have become a full-blown expert on the behavior of the common house rabbit. Such "common" behavior as naps, eating kibble, chewing cardboard, and then taking another nap after 30 seconds of strenuous activity are watched with an avid interest for hours at a time.

Today, however, Frisky had bigger things in mind. He's grown out of the cage I've lovingly hand crafted for him, and he's moving into the living room.

As you can see, he's started with all his most precious belongings. His kibble bowl, favorite cardboard box for ripping and throwing, and the litter box. The bear-looking toy has been out there for the past few days, presumably scouting out the location and reporting back on the presence of such terrors as birds of prey, wild foxes, and humans looking to pick you up and love and pet you.

That's all the progress made so far today, but Rome wasn't built in a day. A lot of naps were needed to build up the strength necessary to make this kind of achievement happen. Five naps total, if I'm keeping track correctly..

Check back for new developments in this case.

Monday, October 6, 2008

No apartment pics..

Sorry rabid Rochelle-apartment fans, I've just been in kind of a weird mood this past week or so. Nothing too mad, sad, or bad, just kind of off. It's the kind of mood where you run out of face soap and it doesn't ever occur to you to buy more; except when you're washing your face with shampoo. I'm sure I'll snap out of it, it's October, a good month, and it's becoming all fall-y with changing leaves and cold weather. Cold weather being 50 degress, which requires coats and hats and scarves for Don and I, and sweatshirts for the rest of Boston. At this rate we are going to have duct-tape small furry animals to us by Febuary. At last Frisky will earn his keep.

Other than face-shampooing, I've been watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on Every single episode. It's like Seinfeld, only with extreme alcohol and drug abuse, and Danny DeVito. I've been exhorting some of you individually to watch it, so here's the collective exhortation: Watch it, and laugh. Let me bring laughter to your life!

Last but not least, here's a picture I took while wandering around Cambridge. I finally got it, two hours later while riding the subway home. That might be a bit of a mixed message.