Sunday, May 31, 2009

a gift for everyone

I'm procrastinating online, and I found this video. It's the ending (SPOILER ALERT) of a Werner Herzog movie called Stroszek. Enjoy. I certainly did.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

OH. hi.

I know, who's still reading this? I need to GET on the new entries train again. But not quite yet, I'm going to San Diego for two weeks to eat some goddamn burritos, and work too, I guess. In fact, you can halfway blame work for my long absence, I've been preparing for a BIG presentation, and I've been stressing out about that, and my ability to present. I've decided that the answer is to get a long pointer stick, so I can use it to point at the powerpoint, as well as calm my shaking, sweaty hands. Does anyone know where you can buy a pointer stick? Teacher store?

Anyways, if I'm too stressed to procrastinate working, then I'm apparently not blogging. What a good insight.

Here's some crumbs until I get back:

I'm really into this girl's entire childhood:

We've been listening to Patton Oswalt a lot lately. Here is one I really like.

Whenever I hit a knitting slump, knitting toys always gets me out of it. Very therapeutic. Right now I'm making an elephant, and I keep fighting impulses to give him a top hat and some monocles, maybe a purple smoking jacket. Since it's for a baby, not so appropiate. The only answer is to finish THIS elephant, and make one for myself. Maybe with a cigar too. BIG summer ahead for old Hagerty.

Mad Men on dvd. I can finally see why the 60's had to happen. Against all logic, this is my favorite character:

I KNOW RIGHT? He's such a trashbag, but I just want him and the secretary to run away together and BE HAPPY GODDAMNIT.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

sick sunday

There's this crow that keep landing on our window ledge and peeking inside our apartment. Obviously, looking for a tasty rabbit snack. Frisky's days are numbered.

I have the flu. Probably not that swine one I keep hearing about. We'll never know for sure since the liklihood that I will go to the doctor is PRETTY LOW. I would rather stay at home complain a lot, and look at random things on the internet.

Like this:

Friday, May 1, 2009

I forgot about this website...

Pictures of women and dogs collected from thrift stores. What a good hobby.

Here's another good dog website Don showed me tonight. No explanation necessary.