Monday, March 30, 2009

sadness, scarves, and scrawlings

So I finally got around to filing my taxes, and about an hour after I e-filed I got this message from Turbo Tax:

Note: The California Franchise Tax Board has instituted a refund delay due to the
state's budget situation, but will begin processing refunds as soon as funds allow.

Excuse me, but is this a fucking joke? California doesn't have a hundred dollars to spare? There's not even a date, it's "when funds allow." If you owe the state of California any money, please to be paying right now so I can get mines.

God, look how upset I am!

That's my eyes filling with tears for the tragedy wrought upon me by the State of California. Also, a new scarf! Made from scratch!

I've started carrying the camera around, to try and capture some of the amazing graffiti I see around Boston, specifically the subways. Here are two of the best.

Along the inbound track of Sullivan Square orange line. It's nice that in the middle of all these braggarts writing their names along the wall, someone with something to SAY took the time to leave their mark. It brings back fond memories of Anyone else remember that site? I used to read that every week. Back when mullets were funny.

On one of the benchs along the outbound track at Haymarket orange line. I like to think that someone was waiting on this bench, saw the first, mishappen monster scrawled in the wood, and thought "Oh, HELLS no. First off, balls do NOT-", and then just took out a pen and furiously etched their reply.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Decadent Sunday

I woke up this morning and thought, "Don and I worked hard all week. Don't we deserve something special this Sunday morning?"

Yes, yes we do.

These were as amazing as they looked, with some veggie bacon and coffee. I'm now considering going to the Apple Store and buying one of these bad boys. Because I deserve some decadence.

P.S. Matt Paul, Frisky has some words for you....

Yikes. It was shocking to see how angry he was, pounding away at the keyboard.

P.P.S. Paws using keyboards!!! Oh, it never gets old.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One for the money

Since my blog's most die-hard fan (my mom) has been missing the updates, well, here's one for you ma.

Uuuuuuuhhhhhh, not much to say. But I do have a new picture of everyone's favorite lard butt bunny!

Here is Frisky putting his keen intellect to good use. According to Don, his insights in to the Post Classic Mayan period is going to throw the archeology community into upheaval. Scholars will be running amok and throwing scholarly articles on bonfires left and right.

To me, the best part of this picture is the image of Frisky furiously writing down notes. Paws holding pens! Lordy, it's TOO MUCH!

(Side note, once we took this photo, we realized we had crossed a line. A definite lifestyle choice has been made.)

Right now it's noon, and it looks like 7:00 pm outside. It was really nice out for a couple of days, and I, foolish non-winter surviver that I am, thought that meant it was spring. WRONG WRONG. It then hailed and snowed and generally acted like a horse's ass outside for the next couple of days. Even though, I like the contrast between terrible weather and nice and sunny days to come. They just better come soon.