Wednesday, February 11, 2009

San Diego, here I come.

I haven't posted much lately, since it would all be a boring, boring log of my days filled with working at home/ staring at the internet, knitting while watching TV on DVD/History Channel shows about unknown creatures (Why is the History Channel obsessed with Bigfoot?), sleeping far too long, and repeat. Don and I went out to a coffeeshop on Sunday night (the only coffeeshop open past 8 around here, Boston is a big believer in early to bed, healthy and wise and all that), and we were giddy with excitement. Giddy. To be at a coffeeshop. At least Don is in grad school, I have no excuses. Just first real winter blahs.

But I'm about to snap out of that, since I'll be in San Diego next week! I'll be working, true, but I will also be seeing friends and family and BURRITOS. My obsession with burritos has not abated, it has only grown stronger in my absence from them. I'm going to grab my rental car from the airport, race to Ray's Mexican Food, and snatch the first (vegetarian) burrito from some startled jerk's hand and stuff it down my throat, laughing hysterically. The fact that I can forsee this still leaves me powerless to stop it. Um, see you all there?

Frisky update: Don has mastered the art of hypnotising Frisky. If you haven't seen a rabbit do this before, it's pretty amazing.

It's also hard to capture in picture, without looking kind of creepy. But he just lies there, totally asleep. We can clip his nails, pet his belly, all the things he refuses to submit to while awake. Tail touching, however, is still off limits. The first time this happened, it kept us entertained for hours (see above, re:coffeeshops).

This "trick" is something only Don is able to do. Whenever I try, Frisky wakes up right away. Obviously, this is because he knows that I have more of my ego invested in being able to pull off this kind of trick. And Frisky might be older, his reflexes slower, but he is still, and always will be, a total asshole.

Yarn time! I finished the sweater I was working on:

I can't believe it, either. It looks good, fits really well, and has almost no major mistakes. My major knitting problem is that I rush through things, and you have to be very disciplined when trying to create complicated patterns. I almost won on this one, but one of the underarms got screwed up, with a giant hole. I fixed it, but it looks kind of lame. I guess I never win. (Obscure musical reference, anyone?)

Here's a work in progress scarf with the yarn I dyed:

Pretty pretty.