Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok, summer can end now. NOT A FAN of late August weather. Remember when high school would start in early September and it was still hot as balls, but you had to be at school as opposed to lying in a pool or something else idyllic and all your exciting new school clothes got sweaty and it kind of ruined them for the rest of the year? What a crappy time of year this is. It only brings sadness and sweat.

I want to see the leaves change and drink apple cider and wrap a scarf around my neck because it's brisk outside. I WANT IT TO BE BRISK DAMMIT.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

bad day, but with ponies

So, I'm pretty convinced that owning a car in Massachusetts is not fucking worth it at all. Driving in this jerk-filled town is so bad that when I imagine that I have magic powers (as is my wont), my #1 wish is the power to control car motors USING ONLY MY MIND. Shit would be on fire left and right. AND THEY WOULD ALL DESERVE IT. (Previous #1 wish: Accio Food! while sitting on the couch in the living room.)
On the bright side of things; I have a really good honest mechanic out here; plus some pizza and unwatched episodes of The French Chef. And these pictures of a dwarf pony, which negates about half of my sadness and sorrow. HOW CAN I BE SAD WITH SUCH BEAUTY IN THE WORLD??

Sunday, August 2, 2009

oh hay hows it going

Continued whirlwind life. Interspersed with periods of lying on the couch all day. BOTH TOO IMPORTANT TO GIVE UP FOR BLOGGING IT LOOKS LIKE.

Here's what I've been into:

- Iced Coffee made with sun-tea style brewing. (The site says "cold brewed", but I think that's incorrect. I think cold brewed is way more labor intensive.) Anyways, SO GOOD. I mix some of this with soy creamer over ice and it's amazing. Please make it now. I'm experimenting to make a good Mexican style coffee with this method. Just adding cinnamon did not meet my standards. I think I will try brewing cinnamon with the coffee, or making a cinnamon simple syrup.

- Julia Child is the shit. I read her memoir, My Life in France, and then rented The French Chef on netflix. I can't get enough. Her attitude towards food is so unpretentious and passionate, even though we have some fundamental disagreements about what is delicious (make your own sausages with pig intestines? nope), I'm still in. There is also an incredible show called Baking with Julia on Create where she scares the bejeezus out of young bakers. Here's a small sample, where I think she says "a coon's age."

- I can't wait to see Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

- I've been designing my own sweater for the first time, but it's more theory than practice yet, since I've only gotten half-way through the back. It will be grey, very warm, and have pockets, as all good sweaters should. Would you like to see a picture? Sorry, Don has the camera in San Diego so you'll have to be patient. (Another reason I haven't posted, I have nothing to illustrate my posts. If I just use words, you'll all fall asleep.)

- Corn bread made with banana and honey instead of eggs.

- Moving, or the fact that I will be moved in about a month. The whole moving part is not thrilling me.

- Rolling Stones cover bands from Italy. Oh yes, they exist. Called The Stoners, naturally. And they were amazing. Though only Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were REALLY COMMITTED to the whole look.