Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This n that

Sometimes you pick up some string and pointed sticks, and you make something perfect:

I'm really happy with the way this hat turned out. It's so springy and bright! Thanks again for the yarn, Michelle!

Want to know another great thing about spring, besides my amazing hat? It no longer makes me want to rip my face off because of stuffy noses and migraine-y headaches. I have had really bad allergies for the last 2 years after what I thought was a lifetime free pass, and I finally did something about it- I got a neti pot.

In case you don't know about these, this is how you use them:

If you're like me, you will spend 2 years looking at that picture and going EWGROSSNOBADTOOCLOSETOMYBRAINAUGGGHHH, and then avoid thinking about it some more. Also, most people describe the first time as "feeling like I'm drowning."

Seriously, the idea that my sinuses and my brain separated by so little is really hard for me to take. I'm still recovering from learning that the Egyptians removed the brains with a HOOK through the NOSE before preparing bodies for mummification AUUGHHGHHGROSSSSSCHANGESUBJECT-

ANYWAYS, I finally overcame my UNDERSTANDABLE hesitance, and I'm so glad. Hot weather still makes me cranky, but now without a headache along with it. Also, it's less like drowning and more like getting knocked underwater by a huge wave. Not that bad.

So, we went on vacation last week to Montreal and New York, and it was fun, and I fully intended to post about it, but what's the fun in that without pictures? And we have almost no pictures of this trip at all. All pictures fall in following categories:
1. Waiting for the subway.
2. Buildings
3. Watching Dumb and Dumber in the hotel room
4. Damien eating poutine in Montreal.

THAT'S IT. I also look really pissed off in most of them. Or drunk, which was only true about half the time.

Here's one of me, waiting for the subway, only a little bit mad, with maybe one glass of wine under my belt. (PS: NEITHER IS TRUE, MY FACE SUCKS.)

Besides neti pots, I've been really into:

This American Life podcasts. Nothing I can really add that hasn't been said hundred times before, but SO GOOD. This one made me wish I had gone to summer camp.

Doctor Who on Netflix. Cheesey sci-fi with some British historical figures added in. It also has an awesome theme song, IF YOU'RE INTO THAT KIND OF THING:

Friday, April 24, 2009