Monday, April 5, 2010

Just a tidbit


Wedding planning is crazy, and does very weird things to your brain. For the last couple of weeks I can think about things Other Than The Wedding Planning for about 10 minutes before I'm compelled to Google to answer some bizarre question like "Is there someone who makes rabbit tuxedos?" (No, but there SHOULD BE) or "Wedding Pizza" (Which is also not a thing, and also should exist. I'm sensing my calling here.)

But the search that really paid off was morning glories. I want to use morning glory flowers in the bouquets and as a general type of wedding theme. Morning glories are nice and lovely and can be used to make you high as hell, which is what most people want to know about them. All Google searches that start "Can morning glory flowers-" suggest "-be used to trip balls?" as the ending line.

And then, searching through a legitimate gardening site, I found the most wonderful suggestion on how to deal with these types:

"Annecdotal evidence suiuggests that If an adult swallows a few seeds they will likely feel no effect whatsoever since the hallucinogenic compounds are inside the husk. If an adult has been silly enough to chew more than about 30 seeds they may well seem confused an hour or so later. The sensible thing to do is to remain calm and allow them to enjoy the experience which may last up to 12 hours. The only real danger is from stressing them out to the point where they run away and perhaps forget about traffic on the roads. Basically be nice to them and look after them and keep the severe telling off till the following day when they should be back to normal."

This made me so happy. I actually think that's a great approach to pretty much every human interaction I face every day. My new motto is "Basically be nice to them and look after them." We don't want them to forget about the traffic on the roads, after all.

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Demands Medium Dice said...

So don't go chewing a bunch of morning glory seeds when your stressing out about making the perfect wedding pizza. PLEASE.