Friday, January 1, 2010


Resolutions are my favorite part of new years, and I always make at least one. This year it's not really about improving myself because I'm PRETTY MUCH perfected, but about things I want to make, and spend more time making. So I spent a GOOD portion of my day on this job. Here's my list for now:

1. Terrariums. My friend Ilan's blog is where I first saw these and thought "YEAH". They look somewhat easy, and then you can leave them hanging out and only water them every couple of weeks. Also, you have to go thrift store shopping for glass containers and figurines. Any excuse for thrift store shopping is a good hobby.

2. Since I like growing things and hate watering, I also like these self watering containers for cooking herbs and maybe some tomatoes? The downfall is that I have a deeply held disdain for soda, so I'm going to have to root through some recycling bins to make these.

3. Baking bread is the perfect working from home activity and I'M WASTING MY POTENTIAL. More kneading and rising and punching in my future! I found The Complete Book of Pizza in a thrift store, and it has a lot of good pizza crust and sauce recipes, so I'm also now going to aim for a completely handmade pizza.

4. Knit Don a sweater that fits him perfectlyOH WAIT I ALREADY DID THAT. Pictures once I bundle him up and pose him somewhere picturesque. Which shouldn't be too hard, this is what we live across the street from-



Alina Pride said...

resolutions: spend at least an hour a day on

Tracykins said...

We have a fabulous, though not thrifted book called "Ratio" that tells you the proportions you need to make all sorts of things - like bread dough and pizza dough, and also talks about how slight changes in ration can make different hings like chocolate pudding to chocolate mousse to chocolate ganache, etc. Now, I'm hungry.

Ilan S. said...

Glad I could terrarium inspire you! Your across the street looks crazy. Do you live in Narnia?

BTW my word verification word is "Egons." I've never seen one Egon in a room let alone multiples. Can you imagine an army of Egon Spanglers and Egon Shielles? We could rid the world of ghosts while simultaneously painting them in sexually provocative positions.

Michael Thomas said...
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Kimberly said...

I warn you...eventually...someday...I will stop checking for a new some point.